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Mariela Panero

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When I first came across Anti-gymnastique I was immediately drawn to the unique way it addresses the whole person – working on the body and mind together. With a career first in dance and then in Pilates, I had spent many years focused on the physical dimension but it always felt as though I wasn’t quite seeing the full picture. Finding Antigym changed all that! Practicing this method has allowed me to develop my understanding of the mind-body connection and brought me great benefits: better alignment, decreased tension, greater freedom of movement and an enhanced sense of well being. I feel privileged to be able to share this unique and transformative method with my clients.

I offer: 

Weekly session:

Tuesday 7 to 8.15pm – via Zoom


 Monthly workshops on Saturday:

 These three-hour workshops give an excellent introduction to Antigym and its powerful effect on body awareness, alignment, and flexibility. For more information, please call/email 07773 412103, paneromar@yahoo.co.uk.

The next Workshop will take place in March 2024 (date TBC) at Kilburn Methodist Church, Kingsgate Road London NW6 4PR.

From 2 to 5pm, cost £75.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or mobile phone if you would like more information.





“After 22 years of Pilates I thought I understood my body.  Antigym has been both a revelation and an education, de-stressing and connecting at the most profound level. Antigym is a calm and precise method; it brings about a level of concentration that works to mend the body yet also takes the participant to a deep meditative place. Sessions feel restorative to mind, body and soul.  They can feel emotional or revelatory too as the body releases ancient tensions it didn’t know it was holding.  The process of awakening ourselves to muscles we are unaware of and bringing the body to abandon the tricks it has been using to protect itself can be both tiring and energising.  Antigym progresses in its own fascinating and unguessable way.


The constant is Mariela’s understanding of anatomy and her ability to make connections – these run so deep. I’ve met parts of my body I barely knew existed. At my age it’s a remarkable feeling to gain ownership and understanding of oneself. The ongoing work to release a lifetime’s tension and stress in the back, neck and jaw is a particular joy.”




 “My anti-gym session is a highlight of my week. Lying down, listening to Mariela’s mellifluous voice, I love the way that both body and mind are engaged with following her instructions. Sometimes the moves are painful – those cork balls! – sometimes they are tiny, but they seem to encourage a deep connection with the way the body functions. I breathe more deeply. Tensions that have been there for decades gradually relax. At the end, when I stand up, invariably I feel that my feet are planted more securely on the ground, while the rest of the body grows to new heights. Sometimes the voice even drops. One never knows what challenges old age might bring, but anti-gym has helped me to face the future with greater confidence and optimism. I only wish I had started sooner!”



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Dartmouth Road
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Quex Road Methodist Church
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07 77 34 12 103