Practicing Antigym®

Who can practice Antigym?

The method is suitable for everyone regardless of age. Preventative in nature, it is meant for healthy individuals. It cannot be considered as curative or a substitute for medical advice.
Prospective clients are invited to a free meeting and a private class prior to enrolling in group classes.
Practitioners may offer classes for children, teens, and pregnant women

How often?

Depending on your schedule, you can choose to attend sessions of 1.5 hour weekly classes (10-12 classes per session), monthly half-day or full-day classes, or workshops (2 to 4 days).

The studio

Antigym is taught in a peaceful and neutral room with white walls and light coloured wall-to-wall carpeting.

Rates and registration

Sessions (typically ten to twelve 1.5 hour classes per session): between $350 and $400.
Full-day classes: about $120.
Rates are tentative. Please contact a practitioner in your area.

To find a certified practitioner

The Antigym website offers a complete directory of our certified practitioners, as well as their co-ordinates, dates, locations, and class schedules.

Recommended attire


Comfortable pants and top, preferably made of natural fibres (cotton, wool, etc.).  Antigymnastique™ is practiced barefoot.  It is recommended to remove jewelry, watches, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and anything that may impede movement.



Antigymnastique is practiced with simple equipment: wood sticks, balls (cork, seed-filled, foam balls) and spelt-filled cushions.