Discovering Antigym

An invitation to discover and live in your body

Antigym® is a unique method of body work which enables participants to better understand and (re)claim ownership of their bodies.

Antigym® was developed in the early 1970s by French physiotherapist Thérèse Bertherat, the author of the bestseller The Body has its Reasons, published by Editions Seuil.

The movements that are suggested are subtle, precise and exact.

They take into account thoughts and emotions while respecting the body’s structural integrity, especially the laws of biomechanics as outlined by French physiotherapist Françoise Mézières.

The method focuses on the entire being. Body and mind are intertwined.

More than 40 years after its creation, Antigym® is known and practiced worldwide.


Antigym® is neither a therapy nor a sport. Certified Antigym® practitioners never force clients into postures and do not perform medical adjustments on clients.

Benefits of Antigym practice

  • Improved mobility and muscle tone
  • Decreased stress and muscular tension (back, neck, shoulders, etc.)
  • Improved ease of movement and coordination

An ideally suited method to warm up before exercise and to recuperate afterwards.

Class by class you learn to rid yourself of the contractions, stiffness, and muscle and joint pain that exhaust you, shrink you, and restrict your freedom.

You discover how throughout your life your body quietly reorganized, adapted and protected itself. You learn to perceive and understand your body in a deeper, more accurate and autonomous way.

Initially some of the muscles that you are trying to engage seem so foreign that you have no idea how to reach them!

Little by little, a new connection develops between this unknown or poorly known muscle and your brain.

  • Your muscular vocabulary increases, becomes richer.
  • Your movements and your breathing regain their natural volume.
  • You discover the pleasure of living in a body that is autonomous and free.

For further information, please see An Antigym® class.